In addition to our secured loan services, we offer a selection of alternate services that may better suit your requirements and assets. These include:

Additional loans services

If, following your appraisal, we agree an auction is the best route to sale for your asset, we can facilitate the process quickly and smoothly. We have long-standing agreements in place with the majority of major auction houses and are able to advance up to 70% of the lower reserve immediately, allowing you instant access to funds before the sale has taken place.

Consigment loans

If you’re looking for a private sale of an artwork or asset, we’re able to help. We can advance a loan upfront while ensuring that we make the very most of the asset and return the best possible price for you. We have an established network of the most reputable galleries, boutiques, experts and private collectors in the UK and throughout Europe, the US and Asia. We can either consign your assets to a gallery or boutique, or work on a private sale while it’s on loan with us. You can benefit from immediate access to funds, without the pressure of a quick sale.

Acquisition loans

If you’re looking to expand your collection and need to secure finance for a future investment, we provide an acquisition service, allowing you to buy at auction with no concern regarding the timing of payments or maturity of investments. We can advance up to 60% of the hammer price as a secured loan to secure the purchase of the item.