The range of our in-house expertise is vast, spanning a number of niche asset areas. Each case is treated individually, dependent only on the item or collection. Other categories include: 

Secured Loans against Fashion Pieces

We advise and offer loans against a variety of high end fashion pieces and accessories. Handbags are of particular interest within the market and we hold a wealth of experience in this area. We have a minimum threshold for this area and consider a range of factors when appraising a handbag, including:

Brand & Model

We currently only accept Hermès, Lana Marks and Chanel.


A handbag’s material can be a large factor in determining its value, be it crocodile or snake skin, calfskin or leather.

Age & Condition

We meticulously review each piece for blemishes, restorations, scratches and abrasions, as any visible wear and tear has an impact on value. With vintage models in particular, rarity and condition are paramount.

Secured Loans against Design & Collectables

We consider one-off design pieces, collectables and collections from all periods, including Modern and Mid-century. We’re able to harness the knowledge of our international network to offer expert advice and additionally, consider loans against stamps, medals and music memorabilia, too.

Secured Loans against Antiques and Antiquities

We’re able to consider antiques and antiquities from a huge range of periods, from the 16th century – 20th century, ancient and Roman. From furniture, tapestries and ceramics, to glass, coins and bronze, our expertise is global and we have in-depth knowledge on European, Asian and Islamic artefacts.

Secured Loans against Rare Books & Manuscripts

We consider a range of rare books and manuscripts and our core team have comprehensive knowledge in doing so. Assets previously worked with include modern first editions, hand-coloured 17th century encyclopedias and medieval and Renaissance manuscripts.