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Secured Loans against
Fine Jewellery

Be it an Art Nouveau heirloom or a modern Cartier piece, we advise and loan against a vast range of jewellery. Our expert in-house valuation team are continually immersed in the market, meaning
they’re able to appraise your pieces accurately and objectively, based on current market value. We take a number of factors into consideration when valuing jewellery:


An important factor, as well as whether the piece has a signature. We’ve gained extensive experience advising on collections from houses such as: Bvlgari, Van Cleef and Arpel, Cartier and Tiffany and Co.


We consider all precious stones, including pearl, diamond, ruby, sapphire, emerald and tanzanite, loose or mounted. We take into account certificates of authenticity and characteristics such as cut, weight, clarity, colour and country of origin. For fine diamonds, laboratory reports are also considered.


The grade plays a key role. Our experts can advise on the quality of your piece.

Secured Loans
against Watches

We offer in-depth advice and expertise on a wide range of watches and timepieces, spanning modern, vintage and antique styles. To ensure you get the best loan value, we consider the following  factors when appraising your piece or collection:

Manufacturer & Model

Our team hold extensive knowledge of the market, including rare, limited or discontinued styles. We’ve previously helped broker loans against the likes of Patek Phillip, Rolex, Richard Mille, Piaget and Omega.

Age & Condition

We scrupulously review restorations, replaced parts, blemishes and dents. With vintage models in particular, rarity and condition are paramount.

Provenance & Demand

We consider paperwork, original bill of sale, original box and servicing papers and harness our market insight to assess the current demand for a particular piece or collection.